4 D Concepts provides software and services to all industry sectors.

About Us

4 D Concepts was started in 1990 to bring together expertise in database technologies and consultancy.

During the early period of its existence, much work was done in the press to develop User Group and Support forums, as well as product libraries for the old dBASE product from Borland. See the press gallery for more information.

Since then it has provided services specific to decompilation to enable corporations to recover their original source code. You may find answers to some of your questions in the forum or simply contact us.

Since 2007, we have developed and delivered a number of web spaces for SME's at a nominal cost using Drupal. Our clients have anything from mapping solutions, online shops, forums, wiki's etc.

We also have a product catalogue which enables visitors to download or purchase old DOS based products, some in their original packaging.

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